Hongde Group is a leading oil production and refining company. We do oil refining, dewaxing, fractionation, and design research for oil fields We are a supplier of high-end oil complete equipment, mainly involved in technical research, achievement transformation and wide application of grain and oil engineering, process design, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning, and turnkey projects.

Hongde Group has more than 420 professionals. It has established a strong R&D and manufacturing base for oilseed pretreatment, extraction and crude oil refining. Its business covers oil engineering, phospholipid engineering, plant protein engineering, biodiesel engineering, oilseed inactivation engineering, oil plant energy-saving renovation engineering, automation control (fully automatic unmanned production line) and other fields.

ISO 9001 Verified Manufacturer

The hongde company has design department, engineering department, equipment manufacturing factory, scientific research and development center and has passed ISO9001 certification.

Expert Engineering Support

As part of our consortium with top equipment manufacturers, we provide scientific engineering support. Using modern installation equipment and an experienced team, we deliver great installation work.